A good lunch break...

Mark Roberts mark at robertstech.com
Thu Jul 15 20:59:46 EDT 2010

CheekyGeek wrote:

>After doing some research, I see that there were two versions of the
>Super Tak. The earlier version was an 8 element design and is
>reportedly less sharp than the later 7 element Thorium design (which
>continued through the S-M-C - not sure about the SMC rubber focus ring
>version). That's the one I have. You can tell by the placement of the
>red IR focus indicator. If it is between the f4 marks it is the older
>8 element. Outside the f4 marks it is the newer 7 element design.

Wow, thanks. Where did you get this information?
It appears that my Super Multi-Coated Tak 50/1.4 is the later version.

>Should be fun running some side-by-side tests of these lenses on my
>K-x. Does the AWB compensate for the thorium color shift or is the UV
>clearing on the S-M-C required?

AWB should compensate, but I'll be interested in the results of your

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