Construction IX

Christine Aguila caguila at
Wed Jul 14 16:12:31 EDT 2010

Hi Everyone:

Well, yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of the start of the 
construction on the parking garage and student services building at work. 
The construction workers are on strike right now, but they'll get that 
sorted soon, and work will resume.

The photos are what they are, but I had so much fun shooting yesterday.  It 
was dead quiet on the site.  I had giggly conversation with Desmond, my 
escort, while shooting, and it was the day of the tripod.  Every picture was 
make on a tripod--except the stairway photo.  The walk around the sight was 
leisurely, as was the speed of my shutter, shooting a lot of 1/3 - 1/6th of 
a second at ISO 400 with f-stops mostly in the f 4 - f 7.1 range, and I 
bracketed virtually every shot, though I still had some tweaking to do in 
the shadow areas--a bump up here and there, and some recovery of blown 
highlights.  Because I used a tripod, my frames were A LOT more level than 
my usual frames resembling a stroke victim with pronounced sagging to the 
right.  I only shot the interior, so I was out of the sun, and a cool breeze 
followed us around like a good friend.  My construction boots were still a 
must, but I was allowed to abandon my hard hat and safety vest, so I could 
enjoy the breeze even more.

It was just one of those shoots when it felt good to be both alive and a 

Comments welcome.

Cheers, Christine

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