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Wed Jul 14 15:24:36 EDT 2010

On Jul 14, 2010, at 7:07 AM, paul stenquist wrote:

> I agree as well. If you're eventually going to use Lightroom, you're better off starting there. It's a different way of working than PhotoShop and Elements with Bridge, and there's no point in heading off in another direction.

You -- all of you -- have got me persuaded. [What an education I've gotten here, recently, and since I first posted about finally getting started in digital.] I'll download the trial, and in the meantime see if I can find it cheaper than list somewhere. 

Getting someone to buy an educational copy for me has been mentioned. Not sure about that, ethics and legality aside. E.g., how could you register your copy if you have no educational affiliation? [Actually, I am sure about it the ethics and legality of it. And I guess that settles it.] 

Thanks again, Paul -- and everyone else.
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