Spanish team has done it!

Igor Roshchin str at
Wed Jul 14 14:07:54 EDT 2010

Wed Jul 14 06:17:32 CDT 2010
Bob W wrote:

> > I've never done any skiing or snowboarding as it looks so easy to
> > injure yourself.  I agree that cross-country skiing looks hard.

It's just  a little bit harder than watching baseball, but much 
more enjoyable if done in a nice area with god scenary and in a good
> Skiing is quite enjoyable. I've only done it once, for a week, and didn't
> have any lessons. Despite encouragement from my brother, his wife and his
> son who all ski black runs I never got off green/blue because I was a
> scaredy cat. Also I have low bone density, so liable to break more easily
> than most. I may go again in the New Year though; if so I will have lessons
> so I can enjoy it more by falling over more skillfully. 

If you are talking about downhill skiing, - I am sure that the right
way to start it is by taking a group lesson on a nice resort.
First, - it will dissolve the scare factor. Second, you would learn
how to do it right from the beginning (as certain things are not
intuitive, even if you've done cross-country skiing before),
and third, - it's cheaper!
At all ski resorts in the US that I've been to, the
beginners package (lesson + ski rental + lift [often restricted to the
beginner lifts]) is deeply discounted compared even to just cost
of rental+lift icket.


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