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On Jul 14, 2010, at 2:52 AM, Chris Mitchell wrote:

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>>> On Jul 13, 2010, at 15:39, Bob W wrote:
>>>> Because LR can do all of this, I don't do any organisation of the
>> files
>>>> outside of LR. I import all the photographs into the same folder on
>> disk,
>>>> and use the camera-assigned name for the file. I see no point in
>>>> organising
>>>> them outside LR in parallel with LR. Other people take a different
>> view
>>>> and
>>>> have their own organisation on disk, and various strategies are
>>>> recommended
>>>> by the authors of LR books.
>>> I agree with all of this, Bob.
>>> The only organization I do outside of LR (ie, before even importing
>> them
>>> into LR) is to group into a "month" folder (2010_June, 2010_July,
>>> etc...) - this gives me a discrete collection of files which I can
>> later
>>> back up.  Typically (but not always) I have less than 4.7 gigs of
>> images
>>> each month, which means I can both spin off a copy of the folder to a
>>> second harddrive AND burn a copy onto a couple of different DVDs.  If
>> I
>>> slopped everything into one huge folder I wouldn't have any handy way
>> of
>>> grouping them for backup and the eventual move to "off-line" status.
>> I agree with Charles who agrees with Bob W.  Majority of my
>> organization is
>> done inside of Lightroom.  And, if you're still reading this thread,
>> Eric,
>> you can easily move files around within Lightroom.  You really should
>> download a free trial version, watch the tutorials, and buy Scott
>> Kelby's
>> book.  I own a copy and refer to it often.  Cheers, Christine
> And I agree with Christine who agrees with Charles and Bob. I let Lightroom
> store images by date and use keywords to do the indexing and searching. I
> hardly ever use Photoshop nowadays, and haven't bothered to upgrade from
> CS3. My versions of LR and PS actually belong to my daughter- we purchased
> them for her when she was a student and got education discounts. Once
> bought, the upgrade pricing is almost reasonable.
> Chris

I agree as well. If you're eventually going to use Lightroom, you're better off starting there. It's a different way of working than PhotoShop and Elements with Bridge, and there's no point in heading off in another direction.

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