Managing image files

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> On Jul 13, 2010, at 15:39, Bob W wrote:
>> Because LR can do all of this, I don't do any organisation of the files
>> outside of LR. I import all the photographs into the same folder on disk,
>> and use the camera-assigned name for the file. I see no point in 
>> organising
>> them outside LR in parallel with LR. Other people take a different view 
>> and
>> have their own organisation on disk, and various strategies are 
>> recommended
>> by the authors of LR books.
> I agree with all of this, Bob.
> The only organization I do outside of LR (ie, before even importing them 
> into LR) is to group into a "month" folder (2010_June, 2010_July, 
> etc...) - this gives me a discrete collection of files which I can later 
> back up.  Typically (but not always) I have less than 4.7 gigs of images 
> each month, which means I can both spin off a copy of the folder to a 
> second harddrive AND burn a copy onto a couple of different DVDs.  If I 
> slopped everything into one huge folder I wouldn't have any handy way of 
> grouping them for backup and the eventual move to "off-line" status.

I agree with Charles who agrees with Bob W.  Majority of my organization is 
done inside of Lightroom.  And, if you're still reading this thread, Eric, 
you can easily move files around within Lightroom.  You really should 
download a free trial version, watch the tutorials, and buy Scott Kelby's 
book.  I own a copy and refer to it often.  Cheers, Christine

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