Managing image files

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Tue Jul 13 22:49:09 EDT 2010

On Jul 13, 2010, at 10:07 PM, paul stenquist wrote:

> There's really nothing confusing here. If you shoot RAW, you convert to a tiff or jpeg and save the unadulterated RAW.  That's the way it will work with either Elements or Lightroom. They won't overwrite the RAW. On the other hand, if you shoot jpegs and do some editing in elements, you would have to save your edited version with a different filename to avoid writing over your original. Lightroom, on the other hand, won't overwrite the original.

Thanks very much, Paul. It's beginning to sound like I might save myself a lotta trouble down the road if I went ahead right now and got myself a copy of LR at the cheapest price I can find. 

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