Monitor advice wanted

John Francis johnf at
Tue Jul 13 16:50:57 EDT 2010

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 02:01:57PM -0400, Adam Maas wrote:
> The issue with LCD's and refresh rate is in how quickly the screen
> will be updated. At a 60Hz refresh rate pixels will only be updated
> every 60th of a second as teh computer is only sending the screen
> updates 60 times a second, higher refresh rates allow quicker screen
> updates which is an issue for gamers running at high fps rates.
> There's essentially no reason to ever run an LCD at anything other
> than 60Hz if you aren't running an application that requires high fps
> rates.

Most of the LCD panels, though, seem to use fluorescent tubes as the
illumination source.  Presumably they will still be running at 60Hz?
If so, I can see there being a possible problem with flicker if (like
me) you are particularly sensitive to the problem.

The LED screens (illuminated by white LEDs, not fluorescent tubes)
are stll leading-edge, and pretty expensive when you can find them.
They're not available in anywhere as many sizes/resolutions, either.

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