eckinator eckinator at
Tue Jul 13 16:17:48 EDT 2010

2010/7/13 Bruce Walker <bruce.walker at>:
> Ecke, I only just now waded through most of the older "Feed Us Your
> Photoblog--The Solution" thread and noted your (and others') plea for more
> constructive (but civil) criticism on the PDML. Interesting and enlightening
> topic.
> But I wanted to point out to you that by asking the question you did, by
> implication at least, you made me sit back and ponder what my motivations
> were in this shot.
> So many thanks for that and I hope you didn't think I was lightly dismissing
> your criticism.  You have in fact set an excellent example of how well your
> wished-for dialogues can benefit everyone.
> Not to mention stimulating some major group-huggery. :-)

Aaaww... I feel all warm and fuzzy now =)
Guess it's a small step along the way towards a more relaxed culture
of critique aka a better cism...
And no, I felt taken quite seriously indeed.


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