Monitor advice wanted

Gasha cirvis at
Tue Jul 13 06:10:34 EDT 2010

I got Dell U2410 monitor 4 weeks ago.
Didn't have enough time to play with it - reinstalling new workstation 

So far i like it.
It is one of best monitors you can get for reasonable money.
I spent lot of time reading reviews, etc... before decided to get this.

Viewing angle is not that good, but acceptable. At least no color 
shifts. And it looks great in Portrait mode!!!!! My favorite :)
IPS says 178 degree viewing angle. Yes, that is correct.
It just looses 50% of brightness beyound 60 degree angle. But no color 

However, it is not ideal :)
I like my SONY 17-inch CRT, and it is used also.


David Mann wrote:
> On Jul 9, 2010, at 12:34 AM, Peter Loveday wrote:
>> If you're looking at Dells, I'm pretty happy with my Dell 24" U2408, but recently ordered a 27" U2711 as Dell had a special which worked out to about A$630, which I couldn't pass up.
> I just looked at the Dell site.  The models I'm looking at are the U2410 (NZ$1,099) and U2711 (NZ$1,799).  If I could get a price like that I wouldn't hesitate.
>> The U2711 is also one of few monitors, along with the likes of the expensive HP DreamColour series, that supports 30-bit colour.  This requires a quadro level graphics card, though, so you'd be looking at a serious investment.
> Probably not a bonus for me then as I'll be using it with my Macbook Pro.  I have a friend who owns a DreamColor display but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it.
>> Note the U2711 won't swivel with its supplied stand.  The U2410 will.
> The only thing that really attracts me to the 27" is the higher pixel count.  I'm intending to use it in fullscreen mode with the laptop display being used for toolboxes.  I get frustrated editing portrait-orientation photos on my wide laptop screen so being able to pivot the monitor around would be a bonus.  I could just buy a third-party stand for the 27".
> Thanks a lot for your input.
> Dave

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