Be Careful of KEH

Cory Waters cbwaters at
Mon Jul 12 22:02:45 EDT 2010

Care to tell us what caused you to send this message today, a full two 
years since your unpleasant experience?

I've bought a few things from KEH over the years and had good luck.  It 
has been a while since I bought anything from them.  Since the DSLRs hit 
the market they've haven't had much of anything I was interested in when 
I've stopped by their site.

On 7/12/2010 3:13 PM, Morris Galloway wrote:
> De-Lurking for a while.
> Be careful when dealing with KEH. I used to be a big fan of theirs and
> made frequent purchases of Pentax gear.
> Until two years ago.
> That was when I bought two items in rapid succession that arrived
> 'incomplete' contrary to their description. And I immediately requested
> permission to ship back the items.
> They simply ignored both requests, ignored mailed requested, ignored
> telephone calls. All requests for permission to return were done within
> their 'grace period.'
> You'd think they would be more responsive to a guy that offices right
> across the street from the Courthouse, but even a letter on my "Official
> Lawyer" letterhead got no response. Both items were under $100. But
> Still ...
> In other words, don't trust them unless you are willing to give up and
> simply throw what you paid for into the trash. They treat you like a
> Southerner when you're buying, but you become a Yankee when you complain.
> Galloway, constant lurker, Pentaxian since Honeywell.
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