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Mon Jul 12 21:31:11 EDT 2010

eckinator wrote:
> Nice =) IMHO your framing is just a wee bit on the tight side but I
> like your composition a lot.

Thanks, Ecke. I appreciate your criticism of the framing but if 
anything, I think I should have gotten even closer. To me it's more 
about the heat: the deep red, the sky blue, the chrome and the lines. I 
don't really care about revealing its car-wheelness. :-)

I've got a more cool, studied image of the spoked wheels of a vintage 
T-bird that I'm prepping as a contrast to this one. That image frames 
the entire wheel, plus some of the bodywork.

I really appreciate your examination.

> Quick additional comment about this shot
> The Isetta is not a threewheeler, it has four wheels, two each on a
> wide front and a narrow rear axle. Because of this it was nicknamed in
> Germany the "Schlaglochsuchgerät", i.e. "pothole searching device" -
> you just don't miss them with a four track vehicle...
> Cheers
> Ecke
> 2010/7/12 Bruce Walker <bruce.walker at>:
>> More auto-detail pr0n: see at a Cruise on a late model Shelby Cobra Mustang
>> ...
>> K20D, DA* 16-50mm F2.8 @ 43mm, f/4.0, 1/350th, ISO 200.
>> Handheld.
>> Comments welcome!

Ah, you found my controversial Isetta shot.  Another PDMLer took me to 
task over the 3-wheel claim a couple of years ago. :-)

In my defense I can only point you at the wikipedia stuff where they 
explain that the UK version eventually had 3 wheels to take advantage of 
the road tax laws. With no reverse gear, it was classified as a three 
wheel motorcycle and could be driven with a motorcycle license.

That said, I think the car in my photo is actually an earlier four-wheel 
one. :-)


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