Trip to Brum?

Bob W pdml at
Mon Jul 12 16:47:39 EDT 2010

> >> I can be there by midday on Saturday. Any other takers?
> >
> >
> >
> > Count me in.  I'll be in the area of Queenssitting around that time.
> My
> > cousin, who delivers firkins of two-headed ducks ale for a living,
> has a
> > run in the area that day.  She's headed for Kats Red,  but she said
> > she'd run me to Birmingham first so I could meet you guys at midday.
> > Bring mugs because I'll be carrying an oversized flask of ale.  See
> ya
> > then.  Cheers, Christine
> Queenssitting sounds like something NSTGAW.  Not safe to Google at
> work.

Not being constrained by work I Googled several aspects of Christine's
paragraph and could make no sense of any of them, nor of the paragraph in
toto. I concluded that she had already got herself stuck into the beer and
was typing like a Siamese duck.

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