OT Back and finally a steady heart beat.........

David J Brooks pentkon52 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 15:12:59 EDT 2010

..........OR, why i decided never to be a wedding or wadding photographer.:-)

Wedding went well, shot about 550 frames, and despite the nervousness
on my part, muddled through it quite well I'd have to say.

What i thought would be a fully out door wedding was in fact under an
open sided large wood gazebo with solid roof. Bride and groom stood
right at the sun/shade line. When i saw that at the rehearsal Friday,
i went into "oh no" mode. But a ton of practice shots proved
fulfilling and the actual day went well. Fill flash worked great, only
had a few over and or under exposed shots.

Bride had a list of shots she wanted and one of the bridesmaids had a
list on how the3 family shots needed to go, its a large family here.
This proved invaluable.

Now to sort and adjust.


Documenting Life in Rural Ontario.
York Region, Ontario, Canada

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