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Eric Weir eeweir at
Mon Jul 12 11:40:46 EDT 2010

I took my "new" *ist D to a community kitchen event yesterday and got my first set of serious images, i.e., when I wasn't just fooling around to see how the thing works. Judging from the images as displayed on the camera's LCD there may be a couple good ones among them.

I'd appreciate any advice folks here might have on what I gather is called "work flow." My limited experience managing film images on a computer has not generated a comfortable way of working. I have a MacBook, and I can definitely say I'm not real comfortable with iPhoto. At this point I find it very confusing. I'd like to have a way of sorting through images, naming them where appropriate, and categorizing and filing them before I turn them over to iPhoto or its ilk. 

I recently encountered something called Photo Mechanic that looks like it would enable me to do what I want. I'm tempted to just go ahead and buy it, but I thought [1] I'd check it out here first. Anyone have any experience with. Anything else more or less in the same price range that you'd recommend? [2] Also whether what I want to do, as crudely as I've described it, makes sense.

In addition to iPhoto I have Photoshop elements, though at this point I'm not eager to get into editing. Too early in the learning curve.

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Decatur, GA  USA
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