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The police are there to keep the peace, deturing crime and actually 
solving crimes and catching perps is secondary and tertiary functions.  
In many cases the tertiary function is entirely forgotten, because 
keeping the peace is paramount.  Though it there's a high speed chase 
involved with a possible risk of life and limb for to the officer and 
the general public there seems to be an exception..

On 7/12/2010 5:27 AM, eckinator wrote:
> Can't believe the seller got away with that but I can see it's already
> been discussed here at length. Most of all, glad you have your bike
> back but too bad about the extras that are gone =(
> Cheers
> Ecke
> 2010/7/10 John Celio<ntax at neovenator.com>:
>> A happy ending to my stolen bike saga!
>> When I reported my bike stolen, the police and others suggested checking out
>> the local weekly swap meet.  This morning, a friend picked me up early and
>> we headed over there.  By mistake we ended up missing the parking lot
>> turn-off and parked in the swap meet area.  By pure luck, we parked two rows
>> down from a big van that was FULL of bikes, and by even more luck my bike
>> was one of the two dozen he had pulled out and set up in his stall.
>> Now, as I mentioned in the original thread, I had never written down the
>> serial number of my bike, so I couldn't just go claim it.  I called the
>> police, who showed up and said that if I could identify it as the same one
>> from the description in my police report, they could probably convince the
>> seller to turn it over.
>> The seller was in no mood to cooperate and was very argumentative with me as
>> I explained every mark and scratch on the bike.  He had stripped off almost
>> all the accessories I'd put on it, but there were clear distinguishing marks
>> that I had described on the police report that were still evident.
>> Eventually one officer pulled him aside, and after a few minutes the officer
>> came back and told me to take the bike, it was mine.  He later told me he
>> had asked the seller for his business license or tax info, neither of which
>> he had.  When the officer said he would be forced to run a check on all the
>> serial numbers on all the bikes in his van for stolen property, the seller
>> quickly said he'd let me take the bike if we'd leave, and that was that!
>> I wish I'd been smart and written down the serial number, because then the
>> seller might actually be facing criminal charges.  Who knows how many stolen
>> bikes he's fenced for thieves?  I've resolved to keep a record of every
>> serial number of every item of value that I have, starting with my bike and
>> camera equipment, so that the next time this happens I will be better
>> prepared.  Live and learn!
>> Thanks for reading,
>> John
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