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On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:50 AM, P. J. Alling
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> You should probably not let the cat drink coffee, Caffeine is no more deadly
> to cats or dogs for that matter, than to humans, (something like 150mg/per
> kilogram will will kill a human, and that's a /lot/ of coffee), but an
> average cat only weighs about 12 pounds.  The cat is probably getting a
> major rush...

I don't let Patches drink my coffee.   When I see her going for my cup
I grab the cup or shoo her off (hence no photos of her drinking my
coffee in the 14 years we've shared).  On this occasion my cup was
empty and she was trying to reach the few drops at the bottom (which I
don't think she was able to get to).

Thanks for the comment.


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