OT - Bike Recovered

David Mann dave at multisport.net.nz
Mon Jul 12 05:41:20 EDT 2010

On Jul 12, 2010, at 3:55 AM, Bob W wrote:

> why do you need 2 locks? I use just one, and rather than have QR skewers on
> my wheels I use Pinhead skewers.
> <http://www.pinheadcomponents.com>
> My seatpost is safely fused to the seat tube... :o(

I ride a fixed hub so any thief who attempts a quick getaway is going to get an entertaining surprise.  It'd be even better if I had the balls to ride brakeless.

But even then I either lock it or keep it out of sight.  I can do without the inconvenience of having it stolen.


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