PESO - Mmmm, Columbian

Doug Brewer doug at
Sun Jul 11 21:20:19 EDT 2010

Ann Sanfedele wrote:
> I bet she takes it "light "  ...
> with Ashley, it's cream of tomato soup. :) 
> A friend of mine, years ago, had a friend over for a bit of enjoyment of 
> a controlled substance that bears a striking resemblence
> to catnip... it came in a small clear plastic bag.  Of course, they then 
> went out to dinner.  when they returned, the bag had been
> clawed open and her cat was sitting under a lamp looking totally crazed.
> Fun shot --  and since this cat is one I met 6 years ago, I guess I wont 
> worry how unhealthy the coffee might be for her.. she
> wasn't a kitten then. 
> ann
> frank theriault wrote:
>> "Sweetie, where'd all my coffee go?"
>> "The cat drank it."
>> "C'mon, cat's don't drink coffee.  You threw it out because you
>> thought I was done and now you're blaming it on the poor cat."
>> "I'm telling you, the cat drank it."
>> "I'm afraid I'll need proof of that."
>> Alternate title:  A Coffee for Mike Johnston.
>> ;-)
>> Hope you enjoy.  Comments welcome.
>> cheers,
>> frank
>> ps:  There really was coffee in that mug.  Patches loves coffee, so if
>> I turn my back on my cup for a minute...

the Cuervo Gold... the fine Columbian..make tonight a wonderful night..

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