Another butterfly - 7/11/10

Walter G. ldotters at
Sun Jul 11 18:05:31 EDT 2010

@ Jack -- Thanks very much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

@ Dan -- Much appreciated!  I like using as big an aperture as I can
for close-ups.  I never realized how much fun aperture priority could
be using the kit lenses I had.

@ Igor -- Thank you for the kind words and the lens advice.  For the
colors, I used the in-camera custom image settings to crank up the
saturation a couple of notches, the hue, and contrast a notch each,
and cranked the sharpness up all the way to compensate for the
softness of the lens.  Then, for post-processing, I just used
Photoshop 7's "Auto-Levels" adjustment and resized the image down to a
manageable size for uploading to Flickr.

I will look into the lenses you mentioned and see if my local shop has
them, or can get them for me.  I'm hoping to find something used but
pampered on the cheap, but I'm beginning to get the impression that
supplies are being snatched up pretty quickly.  At this point, I'm
praying that someday I'll stumble across some nice lenses at an estate
auction or yard sale.


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