OT - Bike Recovered

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Sun Jul 11 09:20:07 EDT 2010

> I'm glad John got his bike back, and to that respect I consider it a
> "happy ending", but is he going to be able to recover the accessories
> that were stripped off?

He mentioned before that he'd paid by Visa, so maybe they can do something.
Otherwise it's the price of not having insurance.

> Is he going to recover his peace of mind so he can get full use out of
> his transportation?

The way to do that is to be pragmatic about the whole situation. Get
insurance and take adequate precautions - bar-code it, register it with the
police, use a decent lock, always lock it in a very public place among other
bikes, don't have the nicest park in the bike park, don't get too attached
to your bike.

Thieves nick the type of bike they think they can sell quickly, so it's
worthwhile making your bike look undesirable. In the UK this generally means
making it look like the sort of thing old men in day-glo jackets ride. Put a
grotty old Carradice saddlebag on the back, and a basket on the front, and
no self-respected tea-leaf will ever look at it, even if you and a few
aficionados know it's a custom-built Roberts made from Reynolds 853 and
worth £3k.

> He got his bike back, but the thieves still got away with the crime,
> and
> are likely to strike again.

nothing is going to stop people nicking bikes. Realistically, the police are
never going to prioritise something like this over everything else
clamouring for their attention and budget. Even when they catch someone it's
not that big a crime and however much people may talk about stocks,
pillories and so on the proportionate punishment is never going to be much.

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