OT - Bike Recovered

Sasha Sobol sasha at asobol.com
Sun Jul 11 01:58:34 EDT 2010

Great news!


On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 10:27 PM, David Mann <dave at multisport.net.nz> wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2010, at 6:08 AM, John Celio wrote:
>> A happy ending to my stolen bike saga!
>> When I reported my bike stolen, the police and others suggested checking out the local weekly swap meet.  This morning, a friend picked me up early and we headed over there.  By mistake we ended up missing the parking lot turn-off and parked in the swap meet area.  By pure luck, we parked two rows down from a big van that was FULL of bikes, and by even more luck my bike was one of the two dozen he had pulled out and set up in his stall.
> That's great news.  It's not often I hear of someone recovering their bike unless it's a really specialist piece of kit that's difficult / risky to sell.
> I recommend that you store it out of sight from now on :)
> Dave
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