SMC Pentax-A* Macro 1:4 200mm ED

Mark Erickson mark at
Sun Jul 11 01:01:26 EDT 2010

  eckinator wrote:
 > Does anyone have any experience with this lens?
 > Will I kick myself for years if I don't go even deeper into debt for it?
 > Sheesh, like I could to begin with...
 > It is in the bay if anyone wants it...
 > There, I said it... AAAARGH!!!
 > =(
 > Ecke

I have one that I bought new from B&H just before they were 
discontinued.  As far as I can tell, its performance is as good as its 
reputation.  Interestingly enough, it accepts the A2X-L teleconverter.  
The combination makes a 400mm F8 macro lens that goes 2 to 1.

Here's the kicker--I almost never use it.  No time these days with a 
demanding job, two preschoolers, etc.  So I'm thinking about selling 
it.  It's pretty much mint (no marks on it that I can see), and I have 
the original box, soft case, etc.  If you're interested , contact me off 

I also have the A2X-L (purchased used), with caps and original hard 
case, but no box.


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