OT - Bike Recovered

John Celio ntax at neovenator.com
Sat Jul 10 20:48:14 EDT 2010

>>When the officer said he would be forced to run a check on all the
>>serial numbers on all the bikes in his van for stolen property, the seller
>>quickly said he'd let me take the bike if we'd leave, and that was that!
> Did the police pursue this? In the UK that seller would have been
> arrested on suspicion of dealing in stolen property.

Well, three cops showed up when I called and at least one was still there 
when I left, so it's possible they did follow up on their threat, or did 
something else to make life difficult for the guy.  I kinda doubt it, 
though.  One of the officers mentioned that there's a lot of stolen property 
that passes through the swap meet and that they had given up on trying to 
clean it up long ago for lack of funding and manpower.  Doesn't give me a 
ton of confidence in them, but at least they're there when someone finds 
their stolen property there.


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