OT - Bike Recovered

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Sat Jul 10 14:40:40 EDT 2010

> A happy ending to my stolen bike saga!
> I wish I'd been smart and written down the serial number, because then
> the
> seller might actually be facing criminal charges.  Who knows how many
> stolen
> bikes he's fenced for thieves?  I've resolved to keep a record of every
> serial number of every item of value that I have, starting with my bike
> and
> camera equipment, so that the next time this happens I will be better
> prepared.  Live and learn!

that's terrific news - nice to hear a happy ending.

I have always kept receipts for valuable goods, although I don't know why -
I was never that well organised when I was younger - but it paid off
big-time with the insurance when my Pentax equipment was stolen and I had
the receipts for pretty much everything, going back years.


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