back in the world of film (sort of) with my MX

Bruce Dayton bkdayton at
Sat Jul 10 13:32:54 EDT 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010, 8:34:48 AM, you wrote:

BW> [...]
>> Not to be overly contentious, but the Pentax MX viewfinder had for me
>> the same issues I had with the Olympus OM1 and Nikon FM series
>> viewfinders: too much magnification, not enough eye point distance for
>> me wearing my glasses. I had to work to see the whole frame and find
>> the metering information and camera settings. The high-eye point
>> viewfinder on my Nikon F3/T, Olympus E-1, Panasonic G1 is FAR superior
>> ... I can see the whole image at a glance, as well as all the
>> in-viewfinder exposure settings and metering indicators, with no
>> strain. And the G1 finder is perfectly visible in light levels that
>> leave the MX with a 50mm f/1.4 lens like looking into a black hole.
>> I hear this kind of praise of old 35mm SLR viewfinders all the time. I
>> think it's mostly just wistful fondness for things past. 

BW> That's just bad luck for glasses wearers, not wistful thinking. I would take
BW> the MX viewfinder over the E-1 finder any day (other things being equal).
BW> One reason for wanting a 35mm-sized sensor is to be able to get decent
BW> viewfinders again.

Well, I can really relate to Godfrey on this one.  Up until now, I
have managed with mostly contacts my entire life.  There was a short
stint where I was wearing glasses and I really didn't like shooting a
camera, because of the lack of eye relief.

At age 50, and with astigmatism, it looks like I will be heading back
to glasses shortly to allow me to see near and far well.  I have been
doing the trick of monovision where one eye is corrected for near and
one for far, but finding that to not work as well anymore - have done
it for several years.  So when I put on glasses and look through my
K-x vs my K20D, the K-x is a bit easier to see everything than the


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