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Fri Jul 9 11:02:05 EDT 2010

On 7/9/2010 10:47 AM, William Robb wrote:
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> From: "P. J. Alling"
> Subject: Re: OT: iPhone film
>> I'm sure that if you set a professional crew loose with any barely 
>> adequate equipment you can get professional results.  It used to be 
>> possible to get professional results from consumer grade Super8 movie 
>> cameras too.  But few ever achieved it.
> This doesn't say as much about the iPhone so much as what you can do 
> with a steadycam and camera rail system. The capture equipment is 
> really secondary.
> William Robb nice that they can mount a camera on a model railcar though.
> William Robb
Sometime in the 80's you could buy video camera systems, expensive ones, 
but within reach, that could be mounted on model trains for the /real/ 
experience of being an engineer.  Now you can record it cheaply and 
experience it after the fact, I guess.  The only improvement is you no 
longer have to hock your house and sell your children into bondage.

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