Monitor advice wanted

steve harley pdml at
Fri Jul 9 02:19:24 EDT 2010

On 2010-07-08 23:28 , David Mann wrote:
> The only thing that really attracts me to the 27" is the higher pixel count.

one thing to watch out for is that the screen is not so wide you can't 
take it all in at once

> I'm intending to use it in fullscreen mode with the laptop display being used for toolboxes.  I get frustrated editing portrait-orientation photos on my wide laptop screen so being able to pivot the monitor around would be a bonus.  I could just buy a third-party stand for the 27".

third party stands are a lot less money than the display itself, and can 
add considerably to the value; i have used Ergotron LX stands; they 
adjust quite nicely, including pivoting; my only disappointment was that 
the obvious modular addition -- another arm to add to the 15" pole 
(plenty of room) that came with my first arm -- is not something 
Ergotron deigns to sell separately

i have also used an Ergotron system that supported both my laptop and 
display, to align the displays; i used a USB keyboard and a wireless 
mouse in this configuration

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