Testing photography rules in Miami metrorail system

mike wilson m.9.wilson at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 8 16:23:39 EDT 2010

Bob W wrote:

>> within the next few years, defacto illegal to use an SLR in
>>>>William Robb
>>>it's up to us to resist it as often as we can
>>The problem is, we don't resist. We let the bullies have their way, and
>>next time they are more empowered, more confident in their
>>righteousness and
>>more aggressive in their methods.
>>I'm reminded of dogs running a fence every time I read of a
>>being harassed for having a large camera.
>>They will never pick on a group of photographers, so the people who go
>>en masse and feel empowered because they weren't harassed are doing no
>>William Robb
> it's up to us individually to resist it. 
> Earlier this evening I went to an event organised by the Royal Photographic
> Society Visual Journalism Group, in which Lord (Dennis) Healey showed his
> photos and answered questions. He's 93 now, but he is one of the most senior
> British politicians of the 2nd half of the 20th century, having held many of
> the great offices of state, including Defence Secretary and Chancellor of
> the Exchequer (Finance Minister) during most of the Vietnam era and the
> height of the troubles in Northern Ireland. One of the questions was along
> the lines of 'as a photographer and former Defence Secretary, do you think
> the current state of security justifies stopping and arresting photographers
> in Central London?' His answer was 'No - it's absolute rubbish'.

Did anyone ask if he was a Soviet mole?

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