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> 2010/7/8 Bob W <pdml at>:
>> It won't stop officious security guards and
>> similar from trying to stop us, but they have no powers of arrest  
>> or search.
> don't forget citizen's arrest, pepper spray and the dangerous
> delusions that go along with them - I was witness of the state in an
> assault and battery trial against four tram ticket inspectors in
> Cologne a couple years ago. two of the ticket people had cornered an
> African tourist who spoke only French and admittedly had no ticket.
> buddy was like 170 cm tall and skinny and the guards were three guys
> of 190+ and a roid bumped female Chuck Norris. They had him backed up
> against a pole on the streetcar and were trying to get some ID from
> him and he kept saying in French he didn't have any on him. Main
> defendant started pushing him and he was visibly scared and raised his
> hands to chest level in a clear give up gesture. This was enough of an
> excuse I guess as the guy banged the back of his head into the pole a
> couple times, lifted him by the throat, carried him off the train that
> had just stopped, slammed him into one of those plexiglass stalls, all
> still by the throat and then down onto a bench where he choked him
> some more. All the time there was no resistance. This is when I
> finally got physically close enough to do something. Another guy and I
> stepped in, stopped them and called the police.

Good for you. It's not often that bystanders will stand up for the  
oppressed. Bravo!

> The ticket guys not
> only refused to give ID which, them being public servants, was against
> the law but also produced little scraps of paper which had §127
> paragraph 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code printed on them, i.e. the
> law governing citizen's arrest and actually tried to make us believe
> 127 justified their behaviour. They did identify themselves to police
> and charges were pressed by the public attorney meaning this was not
> considered a minor offense. The sentences were pretty high given they
> were all first offenders, three were fined 3 monthly salaries each and
> the main defendant got four plus 3 months on parole. He also appealed
> the sentence so I had to come again and the judge told him outright to
> withdraw his appeal or he would get a higher sentence yet. He
> complied. But all the while before and after the court sessions all
> four kept pestering us in the hallway that they had done nothing wrong
> and so on and bla bla and I think they actually believed it, too.
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