Photographers not terrorists

Bob W pdml at
Thu Jul 8 10:29:14 EDT 2010

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act has been used in recent years to stop &
search people, including photographers, illegally. Today the government
announced that it is bringing the legislation into line with the ruling of
the European court. This means that the police can no longer use Section 44
in the way they were using it before, and can only stop & search people now
under Section 43, which requires a *reasonable suspicion* that the person is
a terrorist - taking photographs is normally unlikely to be a reasonable

This is good news for human rights in the UK, including us specifically as
photographers, and a triumph for the people who originally brought the case
in front of the courts.

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It's still illegal under Section 72 to "elicit information about a police
officer". They use this to try and stop people photographing cops.


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