PESO x2: Hanmer Foreset

David Mann dave at
Thu Jul 8 04:45:10 EDT 2010

It's been a while since I took these photos but I think I said I'd post them here.  Two scenes from the forest tracks near the end of the Hanmer Half Marathon course I ran a while back.

I took these the week after that event as we spent the night in Hanmer on our way back from Blenheim where I'd run another half marathon.

Please forgive the rendering, they're quick-n-dirty HDRs done on my uncalibrated laptop screen while I've been trying out Photoshop CS5 with pretty much zero time to really come to grips with it.

K10D with the A15mm f/3.5.  It's the first time in ages I'd taken the camera out seriously.  I even shot some photos with the 6x7 but still haven't finished the roll yet.


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