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From: "Christine  Aguila"
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>> Here's quite an interesting story which could turn into something useful 
>> for 
>> people such as Americans, Canadians and so on whose families came from 
>> Europe many generations ago: 
>> <> 
>> In some cases, of course, a person's village of origin is encoded in their 
>> surname... 
> Very cool.  My layman's interest in this subject began with reading "View 
> from the Center of the Universe"  ,   which 
> then led me to the book *The Seven Daughters of Eve* by Bryan Sykes 
>  .  If you are 
> willing to be tested, which I am, but I'm still working on that 180 pound 
> sterling to pay for such a test, you can go to Sykes web site here. 
> .   Even if you're not interested, it's a 
> very interesting subject.  Much of the tracing of ancestors is based on 
> following what the scientists call in layman terms "the mommy gene." 
> Cheers, Christine 
Wonder if they could use the DNA the Army filed away on me years ago?

Hope this doesn't break the thread, I'm trying to read the digest via webmail from school.

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