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Wed Jul 7 10:32:40 EDT 2010

Welcome Walt. Impressive set of images. All nicely composed with good IQ. Colors quite "punchy."
I've a feeling you're going to show us some very nice work. Like your tensity and app;lied logic that resulted in your K-X choice.


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> From: Walter G. <ldotters at>
> Subject: Newbie
> To: pdml at
> Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 9:17 PM
> Hi all,
> This is my third attempt at joining the discussions on this
> mailing
> list.  Now that I know it requires plain text
> formatting, with any
> luck, this time my message will actually make it through.
> By way of introduction, my name is Walt Gilbert, I bought
> my Pentax
> K-x (my first new DSLR) on May 1 of this year, and I've
> fallen in love
> with it.  My interest in photography started a little
> over a year ago,
> when I borrowed my dad's Canon Powershot to take snapshots
> at a local
> drag strip.  After being disappointed with my first
> point-and-shoot
> (Nikon Coolpix S500) I decided I ought to get a DSLR and
> actually
> learn how to use one.  So, back in November, I bought
> a used (but well
> taken care of) Olympus E20n off eBay for a little over $100
> plus
> shipping -- great pictures, excruciatingly slow write
> speed.  Then, a
> friend loaned me his Canon Rebel 300D, which I really
> enjoyed using.
> But, of course, I felt I really needed to get a camera of
> my own, and
> started doing some research to see what would be the best
> value for
> the dollar, and the Pentax K-x was just beginning to
> generate some
> buzz.  For several months, I anguished -- do I go with
> Canon, Nikon,
> Olympus ... or do I dare go with the Pentax and break away
> from the
> herd.  In the meantime, I picked up a second job to
> start socking away
> a few dollars here and there while I mulled it over. 
> When the time
> finally came, I settled on the K-x -- and even then, the
> guy at the
> camera shop seemed to be steering me toward a Sony!
> But, I stuck to my guns and went with the K-x with the
> 18-55mm and
> 50-200mm lens kit.  And I've been utterly happy ever
> since.  I LOVE my
> Pentax.
> All that said, I just thought I'd introduce myself and
> submit a photo
> I took today for your approval/disapproval.  Any and
> all
> comments/critiques welcome.
> K-x, Asahi Takumar (Bayonet) 135mm, Promaster Spectrum 7 -
> 2X
> teleconverter, f/2.5, 1/800 sec., ISO 400
> Thanks,
> Walt Gilbert
> P/S -- Thanks to Doug for the prompt reply to my query as
> to why I was
> having trouble posting messages to the list.
> -- 
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