Fw: Large DSLRs and Phobia

William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 09:35:00 EDT 2010

This landed in my inbox this morning.

William Robb

From: "Bipin Gupta"
Subject: Large DSLRs and Phobia

> Dear William, I was in the US & Canada last Autumn, and I noticed a 
> distinct
> phobia and fear in the US,
> but not in Canada, especially if you are carrying a large bag with your 
> and Lenses.
> There are checks everywhere, at the Museum, Zoo, Science Centers, Tourist
> Bureau etc - may be good
> for safety and security, but it is so stressful. DSLR owners are specially
> petrified when asked to switch
> on their camera - what if the battery has run down and it does not come on
> and so on.
> People and the authorities don't realize that it is the smaller cameras -
> pen types, phones, watches,
> midgets and compacts that are a better tool for the terrorist, rather than
> the larger DSLRs.
> I think we will all have to start wearing BADGES proclaiming "I am a
> Photographer and NOT a terrorist".
> I suppose the Press chaps are safe with their Badges. Maybe next time I 
> will
> accredit myself to some
> famous News Bureaus.
> May the Force be with you.
> Bipin B. Gupta.
> PS: can you please publish this on PDML - I do not know how to.

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