OT PESO - Reach

David Savage ozsavage at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 08:31:02 EDT 2010

Thanks Christine.

I also prefer the head shot. Hockey isn't a game I am really well
versed in so I don't have an internal database of images to draw on.

In a 2 for 1 deal here is my favourite shot of the night:


Cally is the manager of the ice rink was kind enough to step in and be
the lighting test model for me while the goalies were finishing
getting their kit on.

She said "What do I do?". I said "goof around". So she did :-)


On 7 July 2010 13:24, Christine  Aguila <caguila at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Dave:  Of the two hockey shots, I prefer Krazze--that's a great close up
> shot--and I like the color rendering.  Reach needs more reach, but the
> lighting set up is interesting.  I'd like to see a more dramatic goalie
> moment. Cheers, Christine
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>> G'day All,
>> Another goalie shot:
>> <http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4055/4699173617_1379139c58_o.jpg>
>> D700, AF-S 70-200mm f2.8 @ 80mm, 1/160 @ f9, ISO 200
>> Elinchrom Ranger RX through 1x1m softbox camera right, SB28 behind goalie.
>> Have at it.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave

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