SMC Pentax-A* Macro 1:4 200mm ED

Cotty cottycam at
Wed Jul 7 04:30:47 EDT 2010

A* lenses can actually be a good investment if purchased at the right
price. About 2000 ish I bought an A* 85/1.4 for about 750 GBP and I sold
it a couple of years later for nearly 900 GBP to a Japanese eekBayer. I
don't remember how much I paid for the next A*85/1.4 - I think it was
about 700 GBP again. Then I cut the aperture lever off. This makes it
pretty unique, although I would hazard a guess there could be one or two
others in the world in the same condition.

I have no intention of selling it, but as it sits with an EF mount on it
right now, although the market would be very limited, I would expect any
Canonites to pay a premium for such a lens - the nearest equal EF lens
is the 85/1.2 which goes for about 900-1200 GBP used. One (or two :)
could argue the A* is a better lens.

I once wanted the A*200/4.

Yup, that's a T shirt right there....



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