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Wed Jul 7 04:12:20 EDT 2010

Welcome aboard, Walt. Had the same problems joining when it was my
turn. Way to go on the K-x and you're off to a nice start with that
photo even though I'd chime in and echo that Velvia nit that's been
flying around here. Don't believe anything Cotty says, he'll have to
eat his hat one day.

2010/7/7 Walter G. <ldotters at>:
> Hi all,
> This is my third attempt at joining the discussions on this mailing
> list.  Now that I know it requires plain text formatting, with any
> luck, this time my message will actually make it through.
> By way of introduction, my name is Walt Gilbert, I bought my Pentax
> K-x (my first new DSLR) on May 1 of this year, and I've fallen in love
> with it.  My interest in photography started a little over a year ago,
> when I borrowed my dad's Canon Powershot to take snapshots at a local
> drag strip.  After being disappointed with my first point-and-shoot
> (Nikon Coolpix S500) I decided I ought to get a DSLR and actually
> learn how to use one.  So, back in November, I bought a used (but well
> taken care of) Olympus E20n off eBay for a little over $100 plus
> shipping -- great pictures, excruciatingly slow write speed.  Then, a
> friend loaned me his Canon Rebel 300D, which I really enjoyed using.
> But, of course, I felt I really needed to get a camera of my own, and
> started doing some research to see what would be the best value for
> the dollar, and the Pentax K-x was just beginning to generate some
> buzz.  For several months, I anguished -- do I go with Canon, Nikon,
> Olympus ... or do I dare go with the Pentax and break away from the
> herd.  In the meantime, I picked up a second job to start socking away
> a few dollars here and there while I mulled it over.  When the time
> finally came, I settled on the K-x -- and even then, the guy at the
> camera shop seemed to be steering me toward a Sony!
> But, I stuck to my guns and went with the K-x with the 18-55mm and
> 50-200mm lens kit.  And I've been utterly happy ever since.  I LOVE my
> Pentax.
> All that said, I just thought I'd introduce myself and submit a photo
> I took today for your approval/disapproval.  Any and all
> comments/critiques welcome.
> K-x, Asahi Takumar (Bayonet) 135mm, Promaster Spectrum 7 - 2X
> teleconverter, f/2.5, 1/800 sec., ISO 400
> Thanks,
> Walt Gilbert
> P/S -- Thanks to Doug for the prompt reply to my query as to why I was
> having trouble posting messages to the list.
> --
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