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Not a lot I can add to this as it feels close to complete. I'll admit in the photo pursuit, the greatest satisfaction that can be experienced is that of being immensely grateful for the process that provides the image I hold. 


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> >> 
> >> Sorry, Larry, but a big part of being a
> photographer is learning how to edit.
> > 
> > A big part of being a photographer is knowing how to
> focus and set the exposure of your camera, how many pros do
> you think still shoot everything in full manual?  I'm
> not looking for something that'll edit everything for me,
> I'm looking for something that'll speed up one of the most
> time consuming tasks, taking a pass through the photos,
> pixel peeping to see which ones really are sharp enough to
> blow up.
> > 
> A big part of being a technician is knowing how to set
> focus and exposure, and is the easiest aspect of
> photography.
> It's the quantifiable stuff.
> This is why so many people bitch and whine when their lens
> isn't perfectly sharp, or has some minor technical flaw.
> They've found something they can quantify.
> But it isn't photography.
> Photography is about what you see and how you translate
> that into something you can hold. Everything else is window
> dressing sent to distract us.
> William Robb 
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