OT: cycle trip

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Mon Jul 5 16:53:59 EDT 2010

> > good luck, and enjoy - I'm looking forward to hearing about your
> trip. I
> > tried cycling up the Causse Mejan on Tuesday - a 500m climb in 1km.
> Couldn't
> > do it. Best of luck with the Himalayas!
> 1 km of 30% grade?  That's impressive.  I think that the steepest road
> around here is only about 24% for a short while, the whole road only
> climbs 630km in 6.3 km

it's not a particularly steep road - it's 1km as the crow flies, but it
switchbacks on itself several times to keep the gradient reasonable, and
ends up as 5.8km as the bike wobbles. But still too much for me on someone
else's mountain bike, carrying a backpack, in 30+ degrees of heat. I hate
mountain bikes - can't understand why people use them at all.

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