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Larry Colen lrc at
Mon Jul 5 15:09:32 EDT 2010

I did some family portraits yesterday, and am going through and sorting them out.  After making a pass to throw out all the ones that aren't perfectly, or even sufficiently in focus I wonder why I could buy a pocket camera, with a dinky embedded processor that'll find people's faces and focus on them, but I don't have something in lightroom to find people's faces and looking at edge sharpness (eyes, hair etc) rate how well focused that they are.

While I wouldn't want software to rate the artistic merits of a photo, software that would rate and sort photos by various technical criteria (focus, sharpness, exposure, ...)  would save me a lot of time in post processing. 

Sure, there are pathologic cases where you're deliberately goofing with sharpness or exposure, and there maybe some great photos that have some technical flaw, but which are still great, but for most of what I do, it would be a huge help.

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