PESO: Painted Desert Black Bird

Jerry in Arizona glewis4457 at
Sun Jul 4 22:39:13 EDT 2010

Thanks for the clarification Ann, I named it "Crow" cuz I just didn't know what else to call it.

I believe it was take at the rest area at Crystal Forest, but certainly not far from Blue Mesa.  Maybe one of Sam's offspring.

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Jerry in Arizona wrote:

Took this while touring the Painted Desert a couple of years ago.  Came across it reviewing old files and remembered the issue here if a black bird was a crow or whatever.  Don't remember which camera I was using at the time.

Jerry -
that is not a crow you got there  .... that is a raven... raven's are 
vastly superior birds :-) also, considerably larger.  
it might even be my friend, Sam...

Or his offspring...  I'm not sure how long Raven's live, actually...

I bet he was begging for treats.>>

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