OT: Happy Canada Day

William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 21:56:22 EDT 2010

From: "Daniel J. Matyola"
Subject: Re: OT: Happy Canada Day

> My ancestors fled an aristocratic monarchy for a place where their
> descendants could could be free of the class prejudice they faced in
> Europe.  I am proud of that, and I resent any system that claims
> certain members of society are better than others simply by accident
> of birth.

Yup, and they came to a country whose economy was built on slave labour and 
until fairly recently, had racial segregation legally entrenched in it's 
IOW, they fled one system of class prejudice for one where they would fit 
into the ruling class a bit better, being white and all.
Your ancestors were, perhaps, not as pious and sanctimonious as you make 
them out to be.
Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, your attack on the political system of other 
countries when the one you live in is as fucked up as anywhere other than 
the ones it has actively fucked up is ludicrous and ironic to the point of 
And, by pushing your unwelcome views repeatedly, you are showing that 
arrogance and contempt that makes Americans of your ilk so popular 
throughout the world.
Goodbye Dan, you are going places where few on this list have gone before.

William Robb 

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