OT: Happy Canada Day

William Robb warobb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 14:57:12 EDT 2010

From: "Daniel J. Matyola"
Subject: Re: OT: Happy Canada Day

> I am not bitching about any system.  I am only saying that I am
> offended by the concept that anyone is superior to another person by
> reason of birth.
> If we say that the Queen is superior by reason of birth and has rights
> that can't be taken away, then we legitimize the position of the
> "nobility" who claim to be superior by birth to us "commoners."   That
> is just a short distance from saying that whites are superior to other
> races by reason of birth, or that English are superior to Irish, or
> that Japanese are superior to Koreans.   Belief in status or privilege
> arising our of ancestry is anti-democratic, and creates artificial
> barriers that divide people who should seek common cause.

We already have a system that says that some people are superior to to 
others, I think more so in the USA than most other places.
Money buys privilege and in your system gives the wealthy a lot of 
advantages. Think access to health care as an example.
If your rich, your golden, if your poor, your pretty much screwed.
Now, one could argue that the rich are more deserving because in theory they 
work harder or are smarter, but if you truly believe in equality, then it 
should no more matter that your daddy's last name is Hilton than that your 
daddy was a king.
But, being born to a wealthy person is guaranteed to give you advantages to 
being born to someone with no money.

Think same shit, different pile.

Consider that royalty knows that at some point they are going to lead their 
people, and should be spending a lot of time learning how to be a good 
In a political system, you just need money and power will come to you, 
whether you are fit to lead or not.
Think of your last several presidents, particularly your last one as a prime 
example of someone who was unfit to lead, but was made into a leader anyway.

Quite honestly, I am far prouder of our recent Governor General, and would 
much rather have her as Canada's representative on the world stage than that 
slimy little bastard that is our present Prime Minister.

William Robb 

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