OT: Happy Canada Day

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 14:25:51 EDT 2010

I am not bitching about any system.  I am only saying that I am
offended by the concept that anyone is superior to another person by
reason of birth.

If we say that the Queen is superior by reason of birth and has rights
that can't be taken away, then we legitimize the position of the
"nobility" who claim to be superior by birth to us "commoners."   That
is just a short distance from saying that whites are superior to other
races by reason of birth, or that English are superior to Irish, or
that Japanese are superior to Koreans.   Belief in status or privilege
arising our of ancestry is anti-democratic, and creates artificial
barriers that divide people who should seek common cause.


On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 5:40 PM, William Robb <warobb at gmail.com> wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> From: "Daniel J. Matyola"
> Subject: Re: OT: Happy Canada Day
>> There is a difference:  we elected the fools down there in DC.  We
>> have only ourselves to blame.  We don't pay homage to someone merely
>> because that person is a distant relative of the German House of
>> Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.
> Whatever.
> Until your system works better than the ones you are bitching about, go take
> a flying fuck into your glass walls.
> Or, be as offended as you're white peasant ass wants to be, but piss off and
> shut the fuck up about it.
> William Robb
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