Sun-drenched shutters

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Sat Jul 3 15:31:28 EDT 2010

On Jul 3, 2010, at 8:38 AM, Bob W wrote:

> I have put together a gallery of snaps from Florac, including a few pictures
> from some of the nearby hamlets. It's a very quiet village at this time of
> year, waiting for the tourist season to begin, so not much to photograph
> other than shutters! Still, easy to see why the great painters were so
> attracted to the south.
> < >
> The graffiti in one of them ('Pour qui trimes-tu?') means 'Who are you
> busting a gut for?'.
> Over the next day or two I'll put together a gallery of shots from the
> causse and other hill walks that I did.
> Hope you enjoy - comments welcome.


If you really want feedback on each shot, you really shouldn't post so many excellent shots at once. Sure there are a couple that I might crop differently, or might have been better if you'd walked past a couple hours later in the day, and one or two fantastic shots that in your limited time to perfectly capture a moment may have been sharper, but all I can say is that having the gallery any larger would have just been showing off.

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