Strange "Asahi NC Takumar 3,3/300mm Pentax M42" on Ebay

Anthony Farr farranthony at
Sat Jul 3 06:58:31 EDT 2010

"The mounting the tube seems also an original."

Are you sure about that?  Compare the pictures at AOHC:

to the picture at the auction:!Bw0VCdQBGk~$(KGrHqIOKioEwPgB+i)hBMKt40,WIw~~_12.JPG

You can see that the historic pictures show a much shorter tube
between the wide part of the lens and the body of the image
intensifier, with no obvious tapering or visible bright metal.  The
ebay lens doesn't have any place where an image intensifier could be
placed according to the old pictures.

regards, Anthony

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2010/7/3 Michel Carrère-Gée <michel.carrere-gee at>:
>  Le 03/07/2010 10:30, Anthony Farr a écrit :
>> Whew!  It took some googling but I finally tracked this one down.  It
>> looks like the lens from a Pentax Nocta from 1966, which is part-way
>> down this page:
>> Any comments, Dario?
>> As rare as it must be, the starting price on this auction looks
>> ludicrously high.    Terms such as "IR focusing system" and "image
>> intensifier" came up in references to this lens.  It seems like that
>> function of the lens has gone out-of-service and has been replaced
>> with a simple mounting tube which looks unoriginal and most
>> un-Asahi-like in its style and finish.
> ...
> I reread the "Spotmatic" No. 40 (April 2004): You're right, it's a 300mm
> 3.3.
> The mounting the tube seems also an original.
> Michel
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