OT help with computer stuff desperate annsan

eckinator eckinator at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 05:21:46 EDT 2010

Hi Ann
comments interspersed

> odd was that there are two icons one after the other that say USB root Hub.
>  Shouldn't there just be one?

no there is typically one per approx. two physical USB ports, max
four. also when you have ports on the front and back they will be
managed by different root hubs as a rule. they're really just little
chips on your mainboard. this bit of info you can safely ignore =)

> I'll call anyone that could be of  help (In the USA -or , very briefly in
> Canada ) I don't have a way to call anywhere else.

if all else fails i'd call you, I'd rather be last in the chain though
since calling from Germany isn't exactly free

please right-click the my computer icon, click properties, go to the
tab hardware and open device manager. expand (i think in english it
is) input devices, right-click the keyboard and choose
remove/uninstall (again dunno the proper translatíon, my windoze is in
German), do the same with all usb root hubs all the way down the tree.
then, reboot. this is probably what was done before, it forces the
computer to re-identify and reregister the usb subsystem and the

also if you have someone to do this with you - and i apologize for not
thinking of doing that any sooner - you can open a free and ad-free
support case on www.protonic.com - they are a very helpful community
even though the number of techs has gone down a bit lately. i used to
be in QM there and you can rest assured that every answer you get has
been reviewed by at least one other tech.

also, about your attempts to let me take over your computer, maybe you
just came too late and my computer was already off? we can try again
if you like later in the day


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