Strange "Asahi NC Takumar 3,3/300mm Pentax M42" on Ebay

Michel Carrère-Gée michel.carrere-gee at
Sat Jul 3 04:59:22 EDT 2010

  Le 03/07/2010 10:30, Anthony Farr a écrit :
> Whew!  It took some googling but I finally tracked this one down.  It
> looks like the lens from a Pentax Nocta from 1966, which is part-way
> down this page:
> Any comments, Dario?
> As rare as it must be, the starting price on this auction looks
> ludicrously high.    Terms such as "IR focusing system" and "image
> intensifier" came up in references to this lens.  It seems like that
> function of the lens has gone out-of-service and has been replaced
> with a simple mounting tube which looks unoriginal and most
> un-Asahi-like in its style and finish.
I reread the "Spotmatic" No. 40 (April 2004): You're right, it's a 300mm 
The mounting the tube seems also an original.


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