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Cougars were considered extinct in Michigan until quite recently. But lately they've been spotted now and then, and scat has tested positive for their DNA in both the upper and lower peninsulas.
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>> On 2010-07-02 05:58 , Steven Desjardins wrote:
>>> We get deer in the yard all the time.  I think they've figured out
>>> that the hunters can't shoot them there.
>> need some cougars; fear helps put an ecosystem in balance
> Unfortunately, cougars are a more dangerous predator than is desirable in a near urban environment.
> Once they've taken care of the deer population, they will turn their attention to the next most easy target, which is generally going to be children or small pet animals.
> Saskatoon was dealing with urban cougars (the 4 legged kind) a few years ago. I'm not sure how it resolved, but it was quite a problem.
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